Saturday, 26 February 2011

“Natural Pre-Destination”

Perspective on “Natural Pre-Destination”

As I’ve indicated within the Blog-heading – I’m currently in the process of studying Psychology, 2nd Year; and within this Blog I will be sharing moments of perspective to take into consideration in relation to current-existent manifestations of self and reality as it exist within the Psychological context of society and human beings.

At the Moment I’m currently preparing for an Assignment for the Module “Child and Adolescent Development”, with having to read-through the Prescribed Book:
Papalia, Olds, Feldman. 2008. A Child’s World – Infancy through Adolescence. 11th edition. New York: McGraw-Hill

I found an interesting point within the Book that Papalia, Olds and Feldman (2008:8) referenced, who is listed to be one of the leading figures within studies of a child’s world that is the French Philosopher Jean-Jacques Rousseau (1712 – 1778), who: “Believed that development occurs naturally in a series of predestined, internally regulated stages. Viewed children as “noble savages” who are born good and become warped only by repressive environments.”

So, let’s have a look at some points that opened up:
Fascinating how the word “natural” is connected interdependently with the word “predestined”, tacitly implying that predestination is natural – when, in fact; the manifested-design of/as predestination is pre-programming and thus stand within the context of the ‘natural pre-programmed evolution’ of and as the Mind Consciousness System.
And so how we have accepted and allowed ourselves to define the existent physical-manifestation of/as “Natural”, wherein we furthermore within that have accepted and allowed ourselves to abdicate self-responsibility through proclaiming absolute powerlessness in the hands of predestination/pre-programming; making the absolute statement of the living-acceptance that we have become:
An self-believed manifested-‘helpless excuse’, using/abusing predestination/fate as a excuse to not stop, stand-up and change as we’ve in essence given ourselves up to our own programming, and within that created internal time-cycles within which we loop so that we continue remaining stuck in the past, creating the future in the present from within the past and just regurgitating the same experiences over and over and over again; passing this onto the children and so one of the main origin/source points for/of the continued never-changing, but constant-worsening of the current-child and era of children emerging into and as this world.

Then, furthermore having a look at the words “repressive environments” – Re-Press; as we constantly, continually fall into the exact same patterns, behaviours and habits of Mind-Designs/Manifestations – Parents teaching their Children through and as living-participation the art of duplication/copying; and so all we do is exist within the same Story – living the same News, being Re-Pressed  through and as the Children that become the Knews, the New Know’s, the Newly-Manifested passed-on Knowledge, that Program themselves through Past-Knowledge transferred onto them through their Parents. And so humanity exist/live-through the same-Story of Re-Pressed Knowledge and Information – over, and over and over again – never changing, but constantly-compounding the same manifestations over and over and over again ad nauseam.
Children not birthed as individuals, but Beings that exist as Inner-Divisions of variations of Personalities in constant Duals with each-other as the Mind consciousness System function through and as Polarity and so Children become the manifested actual-nature of Individuals (inner divisions in duals).
And so the inner-wars/conflicts are passed-on and becoming more prevalent and prominent as the true nature of man is coming-forth in world of war and conflict as the always-existent true nature of man that has always been suppressed, or attempted to be suppressed - as we now step into the stage of facing the demons we’ve always feared within-ourselves, as ourselves and of ourselves.

The word “warped” – also having a look at it within the context of self in relation to how we’ve accepted and allowed ourselves to “warp” as in “misconstrue” – missing the true con, that is and always has been ourselves as we’ve missed the alignment (misaligned) of and as ourselves in and as and with reality, through and as accepting and allowing ourselves to exist within separation, instead of equality and oneness, here with and as all that exist.
And so, manifested and created a warped, misconstrued and misaligned self and reality as existence; that now has to – to stop what we’ve done and become, assist and support self to align self with and as here in and as the physical within the starting-point of and as equality and oneness.   

So, let us assist/support ourselves to stop using/abusing our own self-created pre-programming as a excuse, manifested as powerless and helplessness – stop accepting and allowing ourselves to give ourselves up into and as the system of/as Mind and assist / support ourselves to assert ourselves within and as actual-living here, in and as the Physical and stop feeding the energy of addiction of giving up and giving in; but stand-up and live.
And so – not repeat the past, recreate the past and manifest the past – passing it onto generations of and as ourselves; but utilize the windows of opportunities as experiences we face in and as our world/reality to stop, stand up and change who we are in living a principle that’s best for all, equal and one – and so, change ourselves, change our world and change the world.